Debt is collected from the Administration of Sochi

The lawyers of the company "For and Against" recovered the city of Sochi on behalf of the Administration of the city of Sochi at the expense of the municipal treasury of the city of Sochi 53 600 000 rubles. The debt of the Municipality of Sochi, on behalf of which the Capital Construction Department operated, arose from Municipal Contract No. 71 / P dated July 20, 2012, under which the designer, whose interests was protected by LLC YUK "For and Against", carried out the development of design solutions for an integrated surveys, substantiation of the scope of work, the development of architectural and planning solutions and the production of design estimates, including the organization of accessibility for low-mobility population groups, zone areas between people's hospitality of the city of Sochi in the format of a single architectural concept "Construction, reconstruction and improvement of the territories of international hospitality zones, territories adjacent to the Olympic facilities, and the territories defined by the Unified Architectural Concept" for the 2014 Olympics.