Corporate law

Corporate disputes related to:
Creation, reorganization and liquidation of a society
Belonging to shares, stakes in the authorized capital of companies
The claims of the founders and members of the legal entity to recover damages caused to the firm, to invalidate the transactions made by the firm
The appointment (election), termination, suspension of powers and responsibility of persons who are or were part of the management bodies and bodies of control of organizations
Issue of securities
The activity of holders of the register of holders of securities
The convocation of a general meeting of participants / shareholders of the company
Appealing decisions of the management bodies of a legal entity
The activity of notaries in certifying transactions with shares in the authorized capital of limited liability companies
Inheritance of business, shares, shares
Exit from the business of the participant, shareholder of the company

Restoration and protection of the rights of participants (shareholders) of business entities:
Legal advice on the implementation and protection of the rights of participants (shareholders)
Legal analysis of the situation, development of ways to protect the law, preparation of a comprehensive legal opinion on how to protect the law
Representation of interests in relations with other participants (shareholders), society, public authorities
Representation of interests in arbitration courts, courts of general jurisdiction, arbitration institutions, foreign arbitration courts

Carrying out corporate events and corporate documents:
Legal advice on the proper execution of internal corporate documents
Consultations and support of holding general meetings of participants (shareholders), meetings of the supervisory body (the Board of Directors)
Preparing the necessary corporate documents, holding a general meeting, meeting of the supervisory body (the Board of Directors)