Our group of companies has been operating in the Russian and international markets since 2009, combining the directions of financial, legal and tax consulting, as well as asset and investment management, providing advanced consulting services.

        Our clients are medium and large Russian and foreign businesses: insurance companies, airlines, construction companies, banks and financial institutions, foreign manufacturing companies and retailers.


  • Legal services

  • Consulting services for the protection and management of assets and capital

  • Stock Arbitration (as part of a sole arbitrator), created with the support of the National Council of Self-Regulating Organizations of Arbitrators and Judges, chaired by the former Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Skuratov Y.

  • Office of business protection (services to develop and implement the strategy of economic and corporate security companies).


        The staff of the group of companies is more than 70 highly qualified lawyers in Moscow and practically in all regional centers of Russia. A wide network of offices: more than 1500 lawyers-partners in 55 countries of the world; services in the field of migration law and corporate governance are in 127 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, including. in the USA, China, India, Israel, England, Switzerland;

        Management of the quality of services, organization of work in a group of companies, including the work of personnel, is carried out on the basis of the management system Total Quality Management. As part of protecting enterprises from unfriendly takeovers (raider seizures), the Law Firm "PRO & СONTRA" Ltd participated in the implementation of the target program of the Moscow government "Urgent legal assistance to small businesses in Moscow."
         Specialists of the Law Firm "PRO & С
ONTRA" Ltd  are the official experts of the operational group of the Moscow City Staff under the Government of Moscow to coordinate activities in the field of protecting legal entities and individual entrepreneurs from illegal acquisitions and acquisition of property rights.
         The  Law Firm "PRO & С
ONTRA" Ltd actively cooperates with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moscow and the regions, the Administrations of the regions of the Russian Federation, the Small Business Administration of Moscow.


Bodrov Kirill  

Managing partner

  • Arbitration Manager

  • Expert on independent assessment of qualifications of financial market professionals

  • Mediator

  • Сonflictologist                          (more details)

Bodrova Olga

  • Expert of the Moscow Staff for the Protection of Business 

  • Member of ANO "Corporate Security Auditors", Moscow

  • Arbiter of an arbitral tribunal

  • Mediator

  • Сonflictologist

             (more details)

Magdeev Denis 

  • Arbitration Manager

  • Expert on independent assessment of qualifications of financial market professionals

  • Member of Subcommittee of Anti-Crisis Management of Security Committee

  • Сonflictologist

             (more detalis)


Registration of companies in Russia and abroad

Opening of accounts in Russia and abroad



Insurance companies

Foreign companies

Liquidation and bankruptcy

Corporate law


The Law Firm "PRO & KONTRA LTD"  pays special attention to cooperation with charitable and non-profit organizations, aimed at solving socially significant problems of citizens and society.



Last call of the Central Bank of Russia - Insurance company "Belokamennaya"

Insurance company "Belokamennaya" withdrawn from bankruptcy.

Debt is collected from the Administration of Sochi

The lawyers of the Law Firm "PRO & СONTRA" Ltd recovered the city of Sochi in the person of the Sochi Administration 53 600 000 rubles.


Meeting of the RF CCI Committee on Business Security.


Moscow, Paveletskaya Square, building 2, 115054 Russia



For general questions: info@zaprotiv24.ru

Judicial department: arbitr@zaprotiv24.ru

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