Bodrov Kirill 

Managing partner
Arbitration Manager
Member of the Non-commercial Partnership "Mercury", Moscow (Number and date of registration in the unified state register No. 585 of 16.02.2004)

Experience in the legal field and bankruptcy for more than 14 years.
The professional activity of the arbitration manager began in 2004.
Carrying out procedures for bankruptcy of city-forming enterprises in the production sector, agricultural consumer cooperatives, large construction and oil refineries in Moscow and Russian regions.
· Accredited under the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for the bankruptcy of insurance organizations, credit institutions and microfinance organizations. Has experience in protecting the assets of insurance organizations, credit and financial organizations.
· Regularly participates as an expert in the program of leading TV channels and radio stations, has professional publications in the rating media. Teacher at the Russian School of Management, lecturer at the Small Business Administration of Moscow.