Advising banks on improving banking activities
Legal maintenance and support of registration of banks and non-bank credit organizations, including with foreign investments.
Legal support and support of mergers and acquisitions, including the reorganization of banks, the acquisition of banks followed by a change of name and / or location. Maintenance of all stages of the procedure for transfer of ownership of shares (shares) of credit institutions.
Legal support and support of the expansion processes of the credit organization by obtaining additional bank licenses, including the General License, as well as by opening branches, representative offices, additional offices and operating cash desks.
Obtaining preliminary agreements with the Bank of Russia on acquisition of more than 20% of shares (shares) of a credit institution by a person (group of persons), including a non-resident.
Preparation of documents and support for the registration of securities issued by a credit institution (bonds, shares, securities convertible into shares).
Analysis of the financial position of legal entities and / or individuals in order to determine the adequacy of their financial position and the adequacy of their own funds to pay for shares (stakes) of the bank, preparing a corresponding conclusion based on the results of the financial analysis.
The approval in the Bank of Russia of the terms of the subordinated loan, taken into account the own funds of the credit institution.
Obtaining the consent of the government commission for foreign investment in a business entity of strategic importance (for credit organizations that have FSB licenses to work with state secrets or licenses to develop, produce and maintain cryptographic funds required by banks for the provision of a " Bank-Client ").
Obtaining a license to attract individuals' deposits, preparing documents and legal support for the procedure for the entry of a credit institution into the deposit insurance system for individuals.